DORO Likes: OriginalFake X MEDICOM TOY – KAWS Tweety

After a whirlwind of launch events and releases, artist KAWS finally brings his newest creation “home” for a final release.  On sale now at his own personal online store, is the KAWS Tweety statuette, the latest addition to the OriginalFake apparel and toy line. Homage to the androgynous looking Looney Tunes caricature, Tweety, the feathery companion to Granny’s retained his original canary yellow coat, as well as KAWS’ touch of matte black.  Both promptly feature  KAWS’ “X” eyes, along with a movable posture in covering their eyes.  Both available in very limited quantity at KAWSONE online store.    And despite his high pitch voice, curled eye lashes, and bright blue eyes, Tweety is a boy.

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DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director