DORO Likes: Audi new campaign hanging real cars on famous bridges

Audi always makes us think beyond ordinary. How its ad campaign be simple! Well, the iconic brand and the ad is placed on another icon, the Brooklyn Bridge. Yes, the Tower Bridge in London now adds a glamorous Audi ad. The enormous billboard consists of brand’s massive four silver rings each having a life-sized Audi car suspended inside. Apart from the Brooklyn Bridge, the billboards will be hung from famous landmarks Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Tower Bridge, Venice.

Created by Access Agency, the rings rotate around, light-up at night and move up and down the bridge. The installation is a spectacular glory from Audi and “reflects its continuous challenge of the status quo, capacity to innovate, and ability to avoid the bland and the ordinary”. Though it’s a concept at the moment, yet the brand value, as per a brief, will come from the process of getting the thing built; transporting, installing the huge rings, hoisting of the vehicles, the first test of the lights… Great creativity and nice thinking, Audi!

DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director