DORO coffee lovers need Keep Cup, for REAL coffee addicts only

After Fashion Week I began to think about all the ways to bring coffee with me. I needed it more than ever (and It’s always needed here), so let’s talk about the Keep Cup. It’s an Australian Cup à porter with all the optionals you need: Dishwasher safe, Microwaveable, Thermal, Lightweight, you can use it for coffee, tea, juice, soup and water even just coffee would be enough.

It’s pretty smart for three reasons:

1. The american coffee cups are made with paper and it’s a bad material to match with coffee taste.

2. Keep Cups are sustainable, made by polypropylene and unbreakable,all sizes Espresso too.

3. They’re extremely fashion, you can customize the band, the plug and the lid with all the combinations of colours you might think.

Looking forward to see a DORO customized Keep Cup, that would be nice.

DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director