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OPEL ICONA  Commuter Vehicle for Land and Sea

A Project by: Juan Pablo Bernal P

Umea Institute of Design Transportation Design Master Programme 2010
Sponsored by: GM Europe Design Centre Adam Opel GmbH

Welcome to my project for the Umea Institute of Design 2010 developed at Opel, Germany. This projects aims to create a vehicle that will not only fulfill the expectations of vehicles manufactured today, but go beyond in a range of areas. By looking at the features of the car and considering the challenges that societies will be facing in 2050, which is the year considered for the project, this paper describes how the vehicle incorporates aspects that will contribute to the solutions required. The challenges considered are divided in two main parts, the environmental and demographical aspect and the social aspect. Although taking into account the social aspect and addressing concerns for the future by fulfilling the needs for what it is considered the main target market, families, the environmental and demo graphical aspect sets out how this projects seeks to make the role that vehicles fulfill a much more important one.

In developing this project,issues were taken into consideration and although this does not pose an ultimate solution, it does link the automotive industry, taking its role in humanity to a different level. This new vision with innovative shapes, forms, patterns and proportions as well as provocative lines and dynamic looks seeks to create a vehicle that will not only fulfill the expectations of vehicles manufactured today but to go beyond.  Making a car that provides more than transport, comfort or efficiency but a forward looking element that can be used to adapt to circumstances as well as an item that can be used to enhance core principals are the main aims of this vehicle.

By regarding two main issues and trying to create a vehicle that can become part of the solution, certain characteristics were implemented during the development of the design. In looking at the social challenges of the future, and how the vehicle can be used not only as a mode of transportation but as an element of entertainment, sharing, and bonding as a family, helping in the interfamily relations that are key to the development of children. Secondly the fast growth of the population and the deteriorating state of the environment are pushing societies to consider other places and other ways to live. The car takes this into consideration, as it is an electric mode of transport that uses natural sources of energy to perform on both land and water.

The vehicle developed in the project is intended to take a more important role in familys lives by the year 2050. This V shaped car is able to commute in both water and land opening the possibilities to look for alternative locations to reside and experiences to explore. Moreover, the vehicle has features that make it environmentally friendly and energy efficient, that, as a whole provide a dynamic and practical way to teach children about relevant issues by living memorable experiences that reinforce the family bond. Below the paper discusses two of the main challenges that society will be forced to face by the year 2050, followed by the involvement of the vehicle and how it becomes a tool that can be used to contribute to the solution.

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