Bring DORO’s style on vacation!! Kanye West would do that, in some way.

Retro Super Future’s uber-hip W sunglasses. Influenced by Italian design from  the late ‘70s, these shades are the ideal complement to all the old-school Italian Fashion that was showcased in the 2010 collections.

Maverick’s cotton Tee with Logo on the side, made and tested by surfers.

Uniform Wares 100 series wristwatch inspired by British wall clocks, famous rapper and producer Kanye West  posted  this version on his blog, we trust his taste even when he decides to jump on some Awards stage and insult other artists. (By the way we still love you, Kanye).

Christian Dior’s men shoes (sneakers in particular) for summer and beyond, perfect and tasteful alternative to boat shoes. Just in case…

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