DORO need Human energy (?)

Who says that transmission towers need to be ugly? One of the biggest downsides of having easy access to energy has long been the unsightly way it’s carried from place to place, but one US design firm hopes to revolutionize all that — by giving electricity pylons a human touch. In a project entitled “The Land of Giants” those normally stark, utilitarian structures are transformed into more aesthetically pleasing sculptures that folks might not mind having in their backyards.

The artful pylons were designed by the Massachusetes based firm Choi+Shine for submission in a recent competition hosted by Iceland’s national power transmission company who sought designs that had a low environmental impact. The pylon-figures can be placed in pairs, walking in the same direction or opposite directions, glancing at each other as they pass by or kneeling respectively, head bowed at a town.

New type of gods for the future alien visitors of the Earth?

Posted by: Ambra.

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