DORO Likes: Nixon – The Chronicle All Black/Wood

WOW.  Something done really really right.  Raw machined technical case with a raw wood face.  Im really enjoying the fact that the bars aren’t printed on the face, they seem to be heat pressed on with a brand. Awesome Nixon, really.

Nixon have come up with an all new version of The Chronicle time piece and have ventured into using a new material that works very well. A classic combination of wood and stainless steel creates an unique look that is mature and highly wearable. Light wooden face features embossed dials and a date dial on the left. Swiss movement is used for this model as well and the minute and hour hands are made in the same matte silver color. Black leather bands are packaged together that aids the mature aesthetic. This is a great piece that can tell time but at the same time make a subtle statement with its distinct design elements.

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