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Take a look at the article on GOOD, very interesting look into the beautification of a once thought ‘dirty’ world.

How design is empowering us to feel good, from the inside out.

When we think about good design, sex shops—with their neon lights, blacked-out windows, and tacky-looking products—are not the first thing that come to mind. Sex toys have suffered similar bad design, thanks in part to social stigma that makes it harder for consumers to stand up and complain when they’re unhappy with their purchases. After all, who is going to mount a public campaign if their vibrator is too awkward to hold for long periods of time, or if it isn’t rotating fast enough for their taste?

Fortunately for women (and men) everywhere, a handful of innovative designers is hoping to push bad sex toys to the fringes by applying thoughtful design to the toys we use for pleasure. Consumer-focused companies like Jimmyjane and designers like the world-renowned Yves Behar are liberating sex toys from the dusty shelves of sleazy shops, elevating them to the mainstream and are, in the process, creating sex toys that look and feel as good as they should.

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