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concept vehicles at the prototyp museum

‘motoscooter’ by lucas wallusch, 2007

opening on the 18th february, 2010 is the ‘proben’ (which translates ‘sample’ or ‘concept’)
exhibition at the new prototyp museum in hamburg, germany.
presented are 19 1:1 scale experimental vehicles, designed and realised by students of
the hochschule für bildende künste hamburg from 1983 to 2009.

‘proben’ features different surface vehicles from air to watercrafts – almost every single
vehicle is fully functional, many of them are highly specialised prototypes that have
been built for single record attempts or competitions.

‘exzentriker’ by auray, faber, ferber, von oldershausen

‘hydrofoil’ motorized hydrofoil by angerer, 2005

‘hydro’ mountain bike with hydraulic power transmission by angerer, holtkamp, wallusch, 2004

‘all our dreams are made of chrome’ 100 cc vehicle record, angerer 2008

‘monowheel’, racing car by rauh, schrader, 2007

‘plug-sled ‘connectable plywood sled by schmitz, 2006

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