Philippe Starck Unveils Two Revolutionair Wind Turbines!

We think this is the future, producing personal power.  The idea of being able to create a power ‘web’ where everyone contributes, via personal wind turbines solar panels etc, could be the future.  Making a more stable electrical system than supplying everyone from one power source.

This just in – world-renowned super designer Philippe Starck has just revealed two highly-anticipated wind turbine designs for home use! Dubbed “Revolutionair,” the sleek turbines were officially debuted after a lengthy 2 years of research and work. We brought you news of the quadrangular turbine when it was first revealed, and we were pleasantly surprised to see a brand new, never before seen helix-shaped version of the Revolutionair unveiled by Starck today.

via Philippe Starck Unveils Two Revolutionair Wind Turbines! | Inhabitat.

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