DORO Design are dreming The Apple iPad

I cant get ove how large the border is, Its not how I pictured it in my head….  It better feel super thin…

After nearly a decade of rumors and speculation, Apples finally unveiled the iPad. Its a half-inch thick and weighs just 1.5 pounds, with a 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen IPS LCD display, and its running a custom 1GHz Apple “A4” chip developed by the P.A. Semi team, with a 10-hour battery life and a month of standby. Itll come in 16, 32, and 64GB sizes, and its got the expected connectivity: very little. Theres a 30-pin Dock connector, a speaker, a microphone, Bluetooth, 802.11n WiFi and optional 3G, as well as an accelerometer and a compass. Theres also a keyboard dock, which connects underneath in the portrait orientation. The device is managed by iTunes, just like the iPhone — you sync everything over to your Mac. As expected, it can run iPhone apps — either pixel-for-pixel in a window, or pixel-doubled fullscreen — but developers can also target the new screen size using the updated iPhone OS SDK, which is available today. The 3G version runs on AT&T and comes with new data plans: 250MB for $14.99 and an unlimited plan for $29.99 a month contract-free. Activations are handled on the iPad, so you can activate and cancel whenever you want. Every iPad is unlocked and comes with a GSM “micro-SIM,” so you can use it abroad, but there arent any international deals in place right now — Steve says theyll be back “this summer” with news on that front.It starts at $499 for 16GB, 32GB for $599, and $699 64GB. Adding 3G costs a $130 per model, so the most expensive model 64GB / 3G is $829. The WiFi-only model will ship in 60 days, and the 3G models will come in 90.

via The Apple iPad: starting at $499 — Engadget.

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