bebin saxton: aonni mineral water plant, chile

located in chilean patagonia is the aonni mineral water plant designed by architects

daniel bebin and tomas saxton. chilean patagonia has a particularity that is distinguished

and exclusively of that place: the detachment.

this detachment produces cracks, isolations, torsions, new tensions. the glaciers detach

from the massive ice fields, the trees get inclined by winds, the islands live separated

from the land surrounded by water, and the geography is the result of energic erosions.

the project has been generated from the interactions of the natural environment forces,

revealing the elements of detachment.

sustainable design principles include; natural lighting, high internal gains and a good

daylight factor. the structure can be reutilized, guaranteeing a long life cycle for the materials

used in the building.

outsiders can also notice the water in their different phases through the single structure,

large glass windows and due to the shape of the floors.

the materials used are part of patagonia’s modern history: a resistant material, flexible,

economic and with low cost maintenance capable to tolerate the extreme climatic conditions.

project info:

architects: bebin & saxton – daniel bebin and tomás saxton

location: punta arenas, XII región, chile

structural engineer: samuel marín

concept consultant: pablo prieto

client: patagonia mineral S.A. – agua mineral aonni

materials: steel, glass, corrugated aluminium, timber

site area: 5,000 sqm

constructed area: 640 sqm

project year: 2007‐2008

construction year: 2008

photographs: franklin pardon & daniel bebin

seen at plataforma arquitectura

via bebin saxton: aonni mineral water plant, chile.

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