Cool way to do a good thing for the world.

colalife is a campaign and system design for transporting social products, such as re-hydration salts

and high-dose vitamin a tablets into developing countries through the coca-cola distribution system.

while shipping these products to remote villages in developing countries would prove very costly for

a non-profit company, by sending them with crates of coca-cola, the cost is made next to zero. the system

uses airpods which are specially designed to fit into crates of coke. the shape of the container is such that

is uses the empty area between the neck_s of the bottles. the campaign is the brainchild of simon berry

who decided to try and get the system off the ground through the social networking powers of the internet. he is now in discussions with coca-cola and is looking to engage with an international NGO

to move the project forward.

via colalife.

DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director