I want some, NOW.

The “iPhone among hot chocolates,” Hotchocspoon is made of a wooden spoon stuck into a large cube of solid drinking chocolate. To enjoy it, simply stir into a searing cup of whole milk for a deliciously rich treat.

Available in over 46 exotic flavors, including Strawberry and Pink Pepper, Chili Orange, Sea Salt and Honey and even Seaweed, my personal favorite, Amaretto and Macaroons, comes with a vial of the finest Amaretto liqueur stuck into the top of the cube.

Hotchocspoon is one of many tasty products created by the Chocolate Company, whose factory shop is located in the Dutch town of Kerkrade. Their most famous store is in Luxembourg City, and they plan to open several more soon. But not without much deliberation; their website explains, “choosing places that suit our style is important to us. Cities where you can taste the good life, cities full of culture. Call it quality, ambiance, style. That's what we like.”

via Hotchocspoon.

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