volkswagen up lite

This is the best car to have been presented in a while.  Simple, efficient, utilitarian.  I think its a really solid climax to the UP series of concepts VW has done.

volkswagen displayed the new up lite concept car with its super efficient diesel hybrid engine at the

2009 LA auto show. the company is promising the car could reach ultra efficient mileage ratings that

would rival the most sustainable cars on the market. the car is designed to be lightweight, using

aluminum and carbon fibre when possible to give it a total weight of only 1,530 pounds. under the

hood the up lite features a small 800cc engine that when combined with the electric engine can reach

over 100 mph. the concept vehicle looks pretty polished and close to being ready for the market;

vw hopes to have the up lite ready to go for 2011.

via volkswagen up lite.

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