Void’s Slab-Like Retro Watch Is Impossible to Read

I dont find this watch that hard to read, just a little bit of decoding skill is needed.

Void’s VO2 is a watch that looks much like a cross between an iMac and an old-fashioned car dashboard. And like any watch in this day of ubiquitous cellphone clocks, it is almost impossible to tell the time on it.

I used to own a Void. It was a space-age bracelet with enough strobing, pulsing LCDs and chip-tunes to fill an illegal Berlin drinking-den. I loved it, and I never, ever, knew what the time was.

The VO2 has a slab-like steel case into which is cut the mystery-slot. Long and short hands correspond with hours and minutes, as you would expect. But when the clockwise-moving hands reach the end of the display, the other end of that same hand slides in from the other side. If the first hand is white, the “second” hand will be red. To read the time, you need to decode the colors as well as the numbers and positions. Is your brain hurting yet?

Watch design, at this level at least, seems to be running counter (sorry) to interface design in general. While everyone except Motorola moves to make devices easier to read and use, watch displays become ever more beautifully convoluted. $200.

VOID VO2 Watch New Release [Watchismo Times]

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