Two Books by Stephen Bayley: “Women as Design” and “Cars”

Two books on the two things I love most in the world.  We need a couple copies sent to our studio in Italy asap, hahaha.

Stephen Bayley, design critic for The Observer, the world's oldest Sunday newspaper, refers to his home's garden as “a space where we can sit with a book and a glass of wine,” an attitude that I appreciate but might interfere with the clarity of any future book reviews. Fortunately, lacking a garden, the pairing most likely won't be occurring any time soon. Perhaps in the relaxed frame of mind owing to a tipple or two in his garden, he recently released two books about subjects near and dear to his heart: women and cars. With a brief note of full disclosure that I too love both Women and Cars , let's commence with an actual discussion of both books, but first to telegraph my conclusion: Each book would have been far more interesting if its subject matter had been tackled with the other book's thesis.

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