MISMO | The Ultimate Personal Companion

Interesting behing the scenes look at how one of the best looking bags is made.  I love all this ‘inside scoop’ stuff.  Click through to see even more, and read the right up on limited hype.

It’s interesting times out there if you’re in the market for a canvas bag. With the growing acceptance among men for totes for everyday use and duffles for carry-on travel, more and more brands have been entering the market, each with a claim of putting their own spin on canvas. Small, but quickly growing, Danish brand Mismo’s spin on canvas almost qualifies of a lack of spin. And that’s a good thing. Instead, Mismo brings it back to basics by championing simplicity in design and construction, with superior quality materials in the form of rugged, water resistant canvas and full grain leather accents. Behind Mismo’s products is the philosophy that real luxury arises from the choices made – about what to subtract, and what would should remain. While we’re currently in the midst of being unkind to a MS Shopper bag (shown above) to see how it fares overtime, we had a quick chat with Mismo founder Adam Alexander Bach about Danish design, collaborations and the worst part about his job, along with a peak inside his operation.

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