philippe starck: new fossil watches

I’m not a person who likes to wear watches, but the black one isn’t that bad.  I’d prefer not to know the time.








designer philippe starck and the watch maker fossil released two new watches in their ongoing

collaboration. palindrome too and veiled are the two new models. palindrome too is an update of

a previous model featuring a polyurethane strap and stainless steel face. the watch tells the time

through two dials each with a single hand. the hours are on the left and the minutes on the right.

the watch comes in two colour combinations including black, silver and gray, orange. veiled on

the other hand is a more traditional design featuring a black stainless steel bracelet and two handed

face. the design is stripped down to only the basics and the face is partly covered to make it blend

into the rest of the bracelet. the new veiled is a slimmed down version of a previous design.

via philippe starck: new fossil watches.

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