coke’s new green packaging

Again, I have to say looking at the lifecycle of the product and the green qualities, its a really great step ahead.  But the bottle is just plain ugly, and visually dosent communicate anything regarding green, recycling, or the benefits of the bottle.  Step ahead for the concept, 3 steps back for visual communication.  I find it hard to believe that they can ust leave behind the classic sensuous forms of one of the greatest design icons of all time, the Coke bottle.








coca-cola revealed their new plastic bottles made from recycled plant materials will soon hit shelves in

north america. the new bottles will soon be used on the coca-cola classic and dasani water bottles and

are already in use in denmark. the bottles are made from up to 30% plant-based waste materials and are

100% recyclable. the aptly dubbed plantbottle packaging is made the by-product of sugarcane processing

in brazil. while the bottles will contains up to 30% plant materials in north america, the danish version

has about 50% recycled material and 15% plant material. coke hopes to eventually make 100% plant

based plastic bottles.

following the announcement, we came across designer harc lee’s coke can concept that takes a similar

sustainable approach. instead of wasteful inks on the can, lee’s design uses embossing to brand the

aluminum can. this saves countless liters of ink and helps make the recycling process easier and less


via coke’s new green packaging.

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