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Im really liking the white and red print on the black background, super cool.

Magculture turns us onto ‘Popshot’, a new publication focusing on poetry and illustration. Popshot takes a simple idea and executes to maximum effect with some great design and excellent use of black space (a welcome change from white space).

Their founder Jacob Denno neatly described why he doesn’t think poetry is seen as outdated:

Why do you think that poetry has a stuffy image?
I think a massive amount of it is to do with design. A lot of poets have no interest in layout or aesthetics so it showcases the work in a pretty dry manner. Also, there’s an enormous amount of praise that circulates for poets from days gone by. People usually cite Keats and Auden and Frost as inspiration rather than the poets of today so to someone from the outside, poetry is still pretty much stuck in the 1940’s.

Take a look at spreads from the magazine after the leap.






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