DORO Likes: Master-Piece (MSPC) Bags

I see like 2 or 3 bags that would make a great substitute for my backpack i use to go to the outdoor fresh food market. COOL.While many labels rally and attempt to live up to the standards of design meets uncompromising quality, few are actually able to achieve those golden standards and convince people that their items are worthy of that plastic swipe. Japan’s urban-styled bag maker, Master-Piece (MSPC) is one of the few who do manage to reach and surpass those standards of production with relevant design and durability. Working with interesting designs and materials, Master-Piece’s collection that just dropped at oki-ni is a great balance of color for those who want it, and classic subtlety in black and white. Some fun twists in terms of silhouette and shape includes a roomy canvas tote which can also be used a rucksack. The aforementioned bag is lined in a lasting yellow PVC with contrasting purple nylon straps and black leather padded bottom. Of course, for all your transportation needs, MSPC purveys a wide range of bags running from backpacks to camera holders, from messenger bags to waist packs. Check out the collection and do invest in a wonderful piece from MSPC if you are still searching for the perfect pack– these easily to use and style packs are likely to last a lifetime in terms of both style and quality.

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Holistic Design Studio in Torino